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Reducing the impact we have on the environment is an essential focus for Kings Tree Service. We do all we can to promote the healthy growth and beautification of trees. 


When a tree absolutely must be cut down we use as much of the tree as we can. We split and cure wood to use as firewood and chip the remnants as mulch and reuse it for landscaping, gardening, and more.


Go green with Kings Tree Service. We recognize the importanct of the earth we all live on and do all we can to care for it. Call us today to learn how you too can help.

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We are now open for firewood pickup of any quantity at our new location, 602 S Robson Mesa, AZ 85210. Our winter hours are between 9 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday. Please make…


Tree Mulch Pickup and Delivery

ATTENTION: Our mulch delivery system has changedIf you would like to receive free mulch, you can sign up HERE. We are growing our company and continually looking for ways to better…

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