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Proper pruning can allow the tree to live longer. It will keep the tree from getting too heavy and potentially fall or snap. Improper pruning may do the complete opposite and can cause disease and unhealthy growth patterns.


Trees naturally will lose branches in storms to keep the tree from getting too heavy. This can be a problem for trees in urban areas that could put cars, pedestrians, houses, and other structures at risk.


Trees can offer many benefits to your property. Shade, design appeal, privacy barrier, and structure to name a few. Trees can also help moderate the temperature around your home. We can help identify the functionality of your trees and ensure they continue to benefit you and your property.

Tree trimming

Tree Pruning

King’s Tree Service works with each customer and their needs to establish the appropriate tree trimming technique. Taking an individualized approach  will ensure safety, health…


Stump Grinding

A great way to improve a property is by getting rid of your old tree stumps. Stump grinding removes the stump 2-4 inches below ground level. This helps the tree die and keeps it out…


Tree Removals

There are a number of reasons a tree may need to be removed like bad location, tree debris, size and health of the tree. Or maybe you are just ready to try something new. Let us help…



Every tree needs a specific ratio of minerals. Our certified arborists can make sure the right variety of fertilizer is going to the right area of your ground so that your trees can…


Fruit Picking

Leaving your fruit on your trees or on the ground can lead to a number of issues. Rats, birds, insects and other pests will be attracted to your yard if the fruit does not get picked…


Tree Health

Most healthy trees have natural ways of dealing with pests and disease. Making sure your trees have the appropriate watering and fertilizing is the first step for keeping your trees…

Arbequina olive tree

Olive Tree Spraying

Olive trees are known to produce large amounts of fruit with high oil content. They also contain a staining pigment that are sure to cause a large mess if not sprayed.

Palm trees in

Palm Trees

Fan PalmsMexican fan palms (Washingtonia Robusta) and California fan palms (Washingtonia Filifera) Fan palms should be trimmed and skinned at least once a year. this is because every…

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