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Attention: Our Mulch Delivery System Has Changed

If you would like to receive free mulch, you can sign up HERE. We are growing our company and continually looking for ways to better service our customers and stay organized. Utilizing Chipdrop allows us to get free mulch to you quickly and efficiently with better communication and lower wait times. This option does not guarantee the load will come from us, as many arborists utilize the service they provide.

We also have a form you can sign up for to receive tree mulch directly from us. Please click on this link to fill out the form and read the expectations of service. If you would like to pay for expedited delivery, you can call us at 480-964-6758 and press the option for mulch/firewood for cost and availability. Prices start at $100 and are non refundable and non returnable. We will send you a form to sign and return outlining the expectations of services before we schedule to drop mulch at your property.

As always, you can pick free mulch up at our property during the week after 4 pm, or on Saturdays between 8am-4pm. Please give a courtesy call 30 minutes in advance to make sure we have mulch available and for directions.


Comparing Different Mulch Loads


Tree Mulch Expectations of Service


Arborist wood chips make a great mulch for your yard or garden. Mulching around garden beds and along pathways will help keep down weeds and retain moisture in your soil.


You’ll receive an entire dump trucks worth of wood chips, which can be as much as 24 cubic yards, approximately. There is no way to request a specific amount; you won’t know how much you’re getting until it shows up. It could be as little as 4 yards.

That may seem like a lot, but wood chips break down quickly, and it’s recommended to spread them in a thick layer to work effectively, up to 9″ thick! If you end up having more than you need, give some away to your neighbors! The crews won’t drop partial loads, so please be ready to accept as much as 24 yards.


The following tips can help ensure that the chips get dropped where you want them, without issue:

  • Your dump spot must be accessible to the crew without a phone call prior. If you require a call ahead of time, you should not sign up for this service.
  • Make sure the dump spot is big enough. No less than 8′ wide, and 15′ long, with room for the truck to maneuver. The chips will spill out on all sides, so make sure to barricade or move any delicate plants, pots, yard art, garden gnomes, etc., that might get buried.
  • Make sure there aren’t cars parked in the dump spot during the day.
  • Areas along busy streets (speed limit >25mph) are not great dump spots.
  • Check for low overhead lines and tree branches that the drop box would hit as it’s being raised. They can go up pretty high, about 20′.
  • Leave a marker on the place where you want the chips dropped. This can be a tarp, a cone, or a twelve pack of soda.
  • Include a secondary dump spot in your description, in case the crew is not able to drop them at your first choice. (e.g. ‘If you can’t drop them in the driveway, drop them on the side of the road in front of the house.’)


A typical load contains about 50% wood chips and 50% green, leafy material or pine needles. About 5% of the load is often unchipped brush, small sticks, and maybe a few scoops of dirt, gravel or trash. There is always a small amount of material at the end of a job that the chipper won’t accept for one reason or another. In order to make this service viable, a small amount of random debris should be expected in each load. Just chuck it in your refuse bin.


Entering the property is done at the knowledge and consent of you, the property owner. Any damage that occurs is the responsibility of the property owner. For example, arborist trucks are heavy. If your driveway is thin enough, it could crack from the weight of a large truck. Any damage to your driveway or yard as a result of a truck is the responsibility of the property owner.

If the driver arrives on site and does not feel that they can comfortably maneuver to the specified drop site, they will use the secondary drop site. If that site also presents a challenge, they will attempt to communicate with you and set up another drop location.


Typical delivery times are between 1 and 5 weeks. Longer wait times will occur during winter months, and to locations in less populated areas


Sticks and twigs also make great bio material for your yard and soil. Most plant material, even sticks and twigs, will break down within 1 year and provide nutrients for your soil and habitat for beneficial insects. If you have a yard debris collection service in your city, you can also use this to get rid of any unwanted woody material.


In some cases, you may find small amounts of garbage or small rocks in your wood chip pile. Please understand that arborists often rake and clean areas right next to roadways and cannot sift through all of the piles to remove all of the garbage. If you feel like you’ve received an excessive amount of trash in your load, please let us know. If you find a shredded glove, a soda can, and a candy wrapper, search for the arborist. They may be in there.


As wood chips sit in a large pile, they will naturally heat up and start to decompose. As this happens, mushroom mycelium will start to grow on the wood chips and break them down. This may look like a white or green mold growing on the wood chips. There may also be a powdery substance that floats in the air when you disturb the pile. This is all normal wood chip behavior and is actually very beneficial to your soil and garden. However, it can be very bad to breathe in this dust. We recommend that you wear a dust mask while spreading wood chip mulch to avoid breathing in too much of the dust.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a half load?
Nope. You have to accept the whole truck load, up to 20 yards.

Can I request ‘no leaves’?
Nope. You should expect leaves and pine needles in your delivery.

I only want ‘clean wood chips’.
I don’t know what that means, but this is probably not the right service for you. You should find mulch from another source.

Will wood chips attract ants and termites to my yard?

Nope. Check out this paper.

Will wood chips acidify my soil?
No. Check out this paper.

Will wood chips rob my soil of nitrogen?
Most certainly not. Check out this paper.

Pine needles are definitely bad for my garden, right?
Wrong again. Here’s This Old House to tell you why.

I heard that it’s bad to mulch thicker than 2″.
This is probably true with decorative or store-bought mulches. This isn’t a problem with arborist wood chips. They won’t compact and create a water barrier like some mulches do, and you don’t need to till or cultivate arborist wood chip mulch like you need to with some decorative mulches. #lowmaintenance

Will there be thorns in my wood chips?
There could be. In most cases the thorns will break down and dissolve after laying on the ground for a few months. In general, you shouldn’t plan on walking around your yard bare foot after you’ve laid down mulch. If there aren’t thorns, the wood will still be splintery. It’s a ‘use at your own risk’ sort of deal when it comes to thorns and spikey tree bits. Nature is a nasty thing 🙂

***We do not offer refunds and we will not come back to remove mulch from the property. If you are questioning whether or not you want tree mulch after reading all of the above, we recommend that you do NOT sign up for this service, as you will most likely be unsatisfied.*** 

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