We sell an assortment of mixed woods found in the valley. All of the wood is split, cured, and ready to burn! The mixed wood contains large amounts of eucalyptus, pine, ash, ficus, acacia, citrus, olive and sissoo. We do not sell woods with bad aroma or harmful affects such as Oleander, Palo Verde, Bottle tree, or Pepper tree.

We sell by the cord, half cord, truck load, and wheelbarrow load. Pick up hours are from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Saturday.

We also deliver all over the east valley. Delivery includes unloading the wood as close as we can to your desired location. If you are interested in having us wheelbarrow and stack the wood at your stacking location there is an extra fee.

Instructions for pick up are posted below the price sheet. If you have any further questions please call (480) 964-6758.

Price Sheets



The pick up location is a residential address. We store the majority of our wood off of the property and bring 3 cords at a time to split and sell. To the right are three pictures. They show the location of the wood and the cash box. The large pile of wood can be accessed from the front of the house along the block wall. The wheelbarrow sized stacks are located in the front of the property by the mailbox. Please leave the appropriate fee in the cash box. The cash box is located to the right of the house mounted on the front of the wall. It is emptied every morning and evening. Your honesty is necessary for our operation to continue. Thank you for your business and honesty. PLEASE DO NOT knock or bother the homeowners- if you have any questions please call 480-964-6758 and Keeli can assist you over the phone.

You can come and get wood anytime. There should be wood at the property at all times, however we occasionally run out before the day is over. If you arrive and there is not enough wood, please call or text us and we can direct you to our wood yard that is close by.