ATTENTION: Our mulch delivery system has changed

If you would like to receive free mulch, you can sign up HERE. We are growing our company and continually looking for ways to better service our customers and stay organized. Utilizing Chipdrop allows us to get free mulch to you quickly and efficiently with better communication and lower wait times.

As always, you can pick free mulch up at our property during the week after 4 pm, or on Saturdays between 8am-4pm. Please give a courtesy call 30 minutes in advance to make sure we have mulch available.

Chipdrop and pickup are currently the only free mulch options that we offer. If you would like to pay for expedited delivery, you can call us at 480-964-6758 and press the option for mulch/firewood to arrange that. Prices start at $100 for scheduled delivery.

Tree service mulch may be different than the mulch you have seen in the past. Our mulch comes straight from tree work we are doing. As such, there will often be leafy/twiggy material and it is not exclusively wood chips. However, it does decompose quickly and we personally have used this mulch for our garden and yard. Each load of mulch looks different depending on the type of tree that it came from. To assist you in visualizing the product, below are several pictures of different loads. We DO NOT offer commercialized wood chips, like what is found in children's playgrounds.


Playground mulch- Not something we offer