Mulch is a valuable way to help maintain dust on your property, keep the weeds down, use as ground cover, increase fertility and drainage in your gardens, flower beds and around your trees, and many animals enjoy munching on it and using it as bedding.

We have mulch ready for your needs. It is just about time to plant and we can help. Many customers claim our mulch completely transformed their garden. We have mulch in 2 stages available. Fresh green mulch, (best for ground cover, for trees or store until composted), and composted mulch with horse manure (the best for gardens)

For pick ups you load yourself or if you want us to load there is a loading fee. Free pick ups are on Saturdays from 9am-4pm or week days after 4pm. Please call 30 minutes before to make sure we have some available.

For the Fresh free delivery option it may be as long at 2 months to get a load to you if you are not in Mesa.

use the contact us page and email me with your address and the type and amount of mulch you want and I will put you on the list.

Prices------------------You pick up--------- We deliver
Fresh-------------------Free---------------- Free for 14 Cubic Yards or more in each load (delivered at our convenience)
Cured W/manure-------Free---------------- N/A

If you want a rush order of fresh mulch we can bump you to the front of the line for a $50-$150 Fee Depending on location.