Tree Care Tips: September

  • If daytime temperatures have dropped into the 90’s, you can plant and transplant evergreen trees and shrubs. They’ll still have time to get established before cold weather arrives.
  • As air and soil temperatures begin to drop in September, you can resume trimming most evergreens, both hardwoods and conifers.
  • September is another great time to prune your eucalyptus and desert trees. Because they had their spring and summer growth, they’ll now hold their prune for more of the calendar year.
  • September and October are also good months to fertilize your trees. Research has shown that stored nutrients from fall fertilization produce vigorous growth in the spring. Plants seem to hit the road running, so to speak.
  • If a soil sample indicates you don’t need fertilizer but your plants are still showing signs of stress, it may be time to apply a 2-3 inch layer of finished compost around the base of your trees and shrubs. This relatively inexpensive soil amendment does more to improve growing conditions beneath desert plants than a lot of other treatments including fertilizer. Compost can reduce soil temperatures and water loss through evaporation. It encourages nitrogen cycling and improves soil microbiology. It reduces runoff and erosion. It controls dust and weeds. Please refer to our product list to get your order of free mulch.