Tree Care Tips: July/August

  • Life in the desert is on simmer. Monsoon storms are here now or due very soon. Batten down the hatches, adjust tree stakes and enjoy the rain! Watch a baseball game or escape to the mountains and listen to the wind whistle through the pine trees. Go Diamondbacks!
  • Trim California (Falifera) fan palms after July 15th to insure getting all the seed pods in one trimming. If you don’t want to put up with all the yellow pollen until July, you can prune the trees earlier, but you’ll need to trim the trees again later in the year to get the rest of the seed pods.
  • Prune mesquites and eucalyptus trees now if you haven’t pruned them yet. There are two main reasons for summer pruning: First, these trees effectively compartmentalize pruning wounds, especially during this time of active growth so it’s safe to prune in the extreme heat. Second, because they are near the end of their spring and summer growth, they “hold their prune” for more of the calendar year following the pruning. Keep in mind that the longer you wait to prune your mesquites, the higher the risk of wind damage during the monsoon.
  • August is the month for the third application of citrus fertilizer. (Feb/May/Aug/Oct)