Tree Care Tips: June

  • The heat of summer is the best time to plant and transplant palm trees.
  • Monsoon winds are right around the corner. To reduce the risk of tree or branch failure, schedule pruning of large trees including mesquites, sumacs, eucalyptus and other vigorous tree varieties.
  • Install or adjust staking systems on younger trees. Improper staking can do more harm than good. Staking ties should be strong enough to keep trees upright in strong winds but loose enough to allow the trunk to move slightly. Often small trees are planted with one stake directly tied against the trunk of the tree. This is very damaging and should be adjusted ASAP.
  • Trim Mexican fan palms after June 15th to be sure to get all the seed pods in one trimming. You can also trim Queen palms anytime after June 1st but expect some seed pods to continue to emerge through the fall.