Tree Care Tips: May

  • May is a good time to prune trees to prevent storm breakage during summer monsoons in July and August. Alleviate end weight on heavy branches. Mesquite, palo verde and eucalyptus trees are especially prone to wind damage.
  • If your trees have been improperly pruned or lion tailed in the past, consider pruning them properly to alleviate end weight. Lion’s tailing is an unacceptable pruning practice. It removes an excessive number of interior branches along the trunk and main branches. Not only are these smaller branches critical to protecting the tree from sunburn; they also help their host branches develop taper that is needed to support increasing end weight as the tree matures. (For more information on lion’s tailing, see the article¬†The Art and Science of Good Pruning.)
  • Trim date palms in May. If you wait another month, the dates will be larger and heavier and the clean-up and hauling is more difficult and expensive.
  • May is the month for the second application of citrus fertilizer. (Feb/May/Aug/Oct)